Introducing Larnaka - Land of Tomorrow

Introducing Larnaka - Land of Tomorrow

Petrolina Group’s vision for developing the project ‘Land of Tomorrow’ on Larnaka – Dhekelia coastal front, is finally taking shape and form with the assignment of the masterplan design to the world renowned firm, Foster + Partners.

Petrolina Group has announced that their ambitious project, 'Land of Tomorrow', is finally taking shape with the appointment of the masterplan design to Foster + Partners who, in collaboration with UDS Architects and under the coordination of Delfi Partners & Co., will bring the group’s vision to life and transform the area into an attractive hub/destination for both locals and visitors.

Sustainability, green open spaces, strict environmental design principles, state-of-the-art facilities and accessible infrastructure are at the core of the masterplan’s design.

With the vital contribution of local authorities, ‘Land of Tomorrow’ will create new and considerable investment opportunities, as well as exciting prospects in tourism, culture, entrepreneurship, innovation and environmental projects while having a significant positive impact to the local economy.

Ben Scott, Senior Partner at Foster + Partners, said: “It is a great honour for us to work with the Land of Tomorrow project team to create a new environmentally sensitive vision for the development of Larnaka’s northern seafront. The masterplan will define a new paradigm for a sustainable, mixed use coastal community and become a catalyst for the responsible revitalisation of Larnaka and the broader region. Through our initial workshops and site visits it is clear that we have shared ambitions for the project with the Petrolina team and we are ready to bring our extensive global design expertise to the project so that Larnaka gets the development it truly deserves”.

As Andreas Lefkaritis stated, “’Land of Tomorrow’ is a project that will transform the area, creating a large, vibrant and accessible coastal front that will upgrade not only our city, but also the image of our country on a global level. We are proud that this initiative has started taking shape with the contribution of an internationally renowned firm such as Foster + Partners”.