Petrolina Group presents the vision and architectural approach for Larnaka Land of Tomorrow

Petrolina Group presents the vision and architectural approach for Larnaka Land of Tomorrow

Petrolina Group, along with Foster + Partners and UDS Architects, project coordinated by Delfi Partners & Company, presented the vision and architectural approach for Larnaka Land of Tomorrow. This project aims to transform the northern coastal front of Larnaka into a sustainable, dynamic and vibrant community.

The presentation was held at Petrolina’s headquarters by Mr. Ben Scott, Senior Partner of Foster + Partners, in the presence of state and local officials as well as media representatives. Following the presentation, guests enjoyed a tour of the project site. 

Executive Chairman of Petrolina Group, Mr. Kostakis Lefkaritis, highlighted in his welcome speech that "Foster + Partners, along with our partners, have shared our vision and aspiration to create Land of Tomorrow, with respect to the environment, the people, and the city of Larnaka." 

Mr. Dinos Lefkaritis, CEO of Petrolina Group, stated that starting from this historic presentation, “Land of Tomorrow” will become a reference point for both Larnaka and Cyprus, attracting young people and businesses from all over the world. This is something that the city of Larnaka truly deserves, and thus we have invested in a strong team to carry out this project in order to leave a legacy for future generations." 

Larnaka’s mayor, Mr. Andreas Vyras, congratulated Petrolina Group for their vision. He stated that Land of Tomorrow is perfectly aligned with the municipality’s vision for Larnaka’s future development.  

Deputy Minister of Tourism, Mr. Kostas Koumis, also expressed his satisfaction about the project, stating that it adheres to the rules of sustainable development. "We share the same vision with Petrolina Group in aiming to transform Larnaka, into possibly the greatest city in Cyprus. We are pleased when healthy competition is developing between our cities-destinations, since eventually, the outcome will be beneficial for Cyprus." 

Mr. Scott explained that the main inspiration for this project is Larnaka’s rich history, and the elements that define it, stating that, "Our ambition for the masterplan of Land of Tomorrow is to create a landmark that will be an extension of the city, preserving and enhancing Larnaka’s most important features, its heritage, its nature and the sea. The goal is to create a new, sustainable, mixed-use seaside development that will act as a catalyst for further rejuvenation of the city and the wider area." 

According to Mr. Scott, Land of Tomorrow will be a lasting legacy for future generations. Its overall design is directed by a rigorous environmentally conscious and ecologically sustainable methodology, with a focus on green and open spaces, access to contemporary infrastructure, and integration with neighbouring regions.